For the sake of this not being mistaken for an anonymous blog, my name is Skip McKinstry and I live in Oklahoma City, USA. I am also “the voice of one tweeting in the wilderness” who can be found @Devo140 on Twitter. I am not a real theologian, but neither am I a fake theologian. I am a philosopher by inclination and some education; an artist; a graphic designer, book designer and advertising copywriter by trade. So don’t expect deep, theologically expert commentary, but I would not want you to rule that out altogether.

I will use the blog for a variety of things, though probably not on a daily basis. On occasion I will expand on the theme of a particular @Devo140 tweet or a comment from elsewhere in the twitterverse. At other times I will pseudo-modestly pontificate on the Twitter process, the group of followers that accrue, the groups that I will be following, the nature of social media and modern communications, or, frankly, whatever else (squirrel!) catches my attention. Once in a while there may be a book or movie (or blog) review. Sometimes it will be serious, sometimes less so.

In the long run, I suspect it will become something altogether unexpected. God has a way of sneaking his future into our lives while we aren’t looking.

One other point I ought to make. I am told that a good blog entry is seldom more than 600 words. By that standard, this is not a good blog. So if you are looking for brief, pithy, commentary on the modern world, this may not wind up on your follow list. My posts are seldom brief and only occasionally pithy. But one of my sons has pointed out that I am not really a blogger, I’m an essayist. I kind of like that.

Should you have occasion to contact me, please use the form below.


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