For the sake of this not being mistaken for an anonymous blog, my name is Skip McKinstry and I live in Oklahoma City, USA. I am also “the voice of one tweeting in the wilderness” who can be found @Devo140 on Twitter. I am not a real theologian, but neither am I a fake theologian. I am a philosopher by inclination and some education; a graphic designer, book designer and advertising copywriter by trade. So don’t expect deep, theologically expert commentary, but I would not want you to rule that out altogether.

I will use the blog for a variety of things, though probably not on a daily basis. On occasion I will expand on the theme of a particular @Devo140 tweet or a comment from elsewhere in the twitterverse. At other times I will modestly pontificate on the Twitter process, the group of followers that accrue, the groups that I will be following, the nature of social media and modern communications, or, frankly, whatever else (squirrel!) catches my attention. Once in a while there may be a book or movie (or blog) review. Sometimes it will be serious, sometimes less so.

In the long run, I suspect it will become something altogether unexpected. God has a way of sneaking his future into our lives while we aren’t looking.

Should you have occasion to contact me, please use the form below.


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